School-Based Outreach

Engaging Youth as Project Ambassadors

To bring your project to life through hands-on learning opportunities about your project for local K-12 students. Civic projects often have far-reaching impacts that extend beyond the immediate project area. Reaching out to schools throughout the region to engage students is an effective way to reach residents. As students are engaged in the classroom, they become project ambassadors and share information with their families and communities.

At public events, student presentations generate positive publicity and increase turnout. Students in LCA programs have contributed permanent features like benches and birdhouses to public projects, leaving behind tangible examples of their involvement.

In-class workshops and site visits allow students to explore careers in design, architecture, engineering, construction trades, government, and more. This investment in the workforce of tomorrow will enhance your firm or agency’s reputation as a contributing civic partner. 


  • Equip students to be project ambassadors, sharing project information with their families and communities.

  • Introduce tomorrow’s workforce to the range of careers in your industry.

  • Bolster attendance at project events through student and family participation.

  • Provide rewarding opportunities for project team members to share their work with young community members.

  • Showcase your firm or agency as a civic asset committed to future generations.


“[LCA’s] efforts at reaching out into the public and into the schools to impart knowledge about the project and information about how it would affect us here on the coast were exemplary! You have done a great public service to those of us here in this community.”

Keith Tymchuck

Former Mayor, Reedsport, OR

“The school-based outreach program led by LCA transformed the design and construction of the new Sellwood Bridge into a relevant learning opportunity for over 2000 K-12 students, while engaging their communities in the project and generating excellent media coverage.”

John Ferguson

Vice President, T.Y. Lin International

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