Gathering Information Necessary for Effective Decision-making

Good data is necessary for effective decision-making. LCA collects the quantitative and qualitative data that you need to make informed decisions that advance your firm or agency’s mission.

LCA conducts research both as a part of larger projects and as standalone projects. Surveys, workforce analysis, stakeholder interviews, and demographic analysis are just some of the tools we use to collect actionable information for our clients.

The LCA team identifies and interprets existing data sets to provide you with the topline information you need, saving you valuable time while providing you with access to relevant information. Whether you are seeking to identify industry best practices, evaluating the effectiveness of a program, or seeking to understand more about the communities in which you work, we will distill existing data into a manageable set of statistics and interpretations.

We also present findings in accessible, visually appealing ways through reports and presentation materials suitable for internal and/or external distribution.


  • Learn more about the communities in which you work.

  • Utilize data in the design of your civic project to minimize negative impacts.

  • Identify businesses and community groups in your project area.

  • Identify industry best practices for implementation.

  • Evaluate the efficacy of your programs and initiatives.

Types of Research

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Literature Review
  • Dataset Review
  • Demographic Research
  • Workforce Research
  • Best Practices Review
  • Project History Review

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