Smoothing the Way to Project Success


Whether you’re working on a public space project, transportation infrastructure, public works, or building construction, your project deserves more community attention than a few flyers will provide. LCA has led over 45 successful public involvement programs in over 50 communities throughout the Northwest, creating healthy two-way communication channels to align project goals with public priorities. Our outreach directly addresses the character and needs of a community, including the cultures, languages, preferred communications methods, priorities, and concerns about the project. LCA can give you peace of mind, knowing that the community has been informed and meaningfully engaged, and that you have the feedback you need to make well-informed decisions for your project.

Lois and her staff have proven themselves as leaders in our community in terms of developing innovative approaches to engaging all community members – from 7 to 70… (LCA) adds value on many levels and has made my agency a better agency.

Matthew Garrett

Director, Oregon Department of Transportation


Our public involvement approach is customized for each project and will help you:

  • Develop and sustain valuable community relationships
  • Boost community support for your project while avoiding surprises
  • Gather community input needed to make informed decisions
  • Ensure that traditionally underrepresented stakeholders have a voice
  • Generate positive media coverage, foster goodwill and enhance your reputation as a civic asset