Willamette River Crossing

JW Fowler/Portland Water Bureau 
Project Overview

The City of Portland’s Water Bureau (PWB) and JW Fowler construction are working on a design-build project to create a water line to carry water from the east to the west side of the Willamette River. Utilizing horizontal directional drilling (HDD), this project will create a seismically resilient water system.

LCA’s Role

LCA assists JW Fowler in communicating with businesses and residents impacted by drilling and other construction-related activities for this project. Starting with a detailed construction mitigation and public outreach plan, LCA has been interviewing area businesses and providing timely notifications for all construction activities. LCA designs outreach materials and informational presentations to help maintain communications with various stakeholders.

Services Provided

  • Public Involvement 
  • Materials Development 
  • Construction Mitigation 
  • Public Engagement Strategy