Red Light Photo Enforcement  

City of Tigard  
Project Overview

Tigard implemented photo radar/red light cameras at busy intersections to make the roads safer for the public. The project included two phases. Phase one implemented red-light enforcement and phase two implemented speeding enforcement. 

LCA’s Role

The phased implementation approach required two rounds of communication. LCA worked closely with the Tigard Police Department’s public information officer and communications coordinator to create press packets for each phase. These packets include relevant statistics, legal background, phasing information, and implementation timelines. We designed graphic elements for these press packets in addition to the written content. LCA also assisted Tigard staff in procuring billboard space and in drafting frequently asked questions documents for the project website. Our work helped to keep the public informed as enforcement began.  

Services Provided

  • Materials Development  
  • Press Packet  
  • Graphic Design 
  • Strategic Communication