Sellwood Bridge Pilot DBE Enrichment Program for Multnomah County

Project Overview

To tackle the replacement of Portland’s Sellwood Bridge, Multnomah County hired T.Y. Lin, CH2M Hill and Slayden-Sundt. The new bridge they built is designed to withstand earthquakes, support heavy traffic, provide better biking and pedestrian access, and improve overall traffic safety. Replacing the bridge caused significant impacts and traffic disruptions.

LCA's Role

LCA was hired by T.Y. Lin to provide opportunities for DMWESB firms working on the Sellwood Bridge Project to gain new information and skills in their self-defined “high needs” areas. LCA helped enhance relationship building among firms and across disciplines—expanding each participating firm’s professional network and contributing to positive working relationships; LCA also provided mentorship opportunities for DMWESB firms on the T.Y. Lin International/CH2M Hill team.

LCA accomplished these goals by delivering an initial needs assessment to project DBE subs and T.Y. Lin International and CH2M Hill mentors, providing one-on-one mentoring support, and offering multiple workshops through the life of the project.

Services Provided

  • Outreach and Support for DMWESB Subconsultants
  • Public Presentations
  • Mentoring Workshops


Lois D. Cohen’s company quickly and unobtrusively developed programs tailored to our needs and has carried them out with a minimum of supervision. The company sets high goals and exceeds expectations.

Michael Eaton

Senior Bridge Engineer, Multnomah County