U.S. General Services Administration

Project Overview

The Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building Project in downtown Portland turned an outdated and worn-out 18-story office tower into one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in the country. The $141 million project upgraded building systems, improved accessibility, and created a modern, healthy workplace for 1,200 federal employees and more than 16 federal agencies.

LCA's Role

To help students develop an awareness of and interest in careers involved in design, construction and sustainability, LCA partnered with Howard S. Wright, SERA Architects and the U.S. General Services Administration to educate and engage middle and high school students in the design and reconstruction of this LEED-Platinum building. This complex project presented them with real-world opportunities and challenges, such as making a high-rise office building accessible to people with disabilities and turning a shooting range into a rainwater cistern. Students toured the construction site, job shadowed team members, created 3-D building models of buildings using BIM software, and built a 3-D, to-scale model highlighting the building’s sustainability features.

Services Provided

  • School Outreach
  • Green Building Outreach
  • Career Education
  • Occupant Engagement


If you have the opportunity to work with Lois D. Cohen Associates on a school enrichment program, I encourage you to do so. I am looking for the next perfect project to bring them on as a project partner again!

Rhonnda Parsons Edmiston

Diversity & Business Equity Director , Howard S. Wright Constructors