I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project DBE Outreach

Oregon Department of Transportation
Project Overview

The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project adds auxiliary lanes and shoulders to reduce congestion and improve safety. As part of the contracting process for this project, LCA was tasked with conducting outreach to DBE subconsultants with the goal of increasing the participation of DBE firms in the forthcoming I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project. Given the troubling history of development in this area, ODOT contracted with LCA to perform this additional DBE outreach. 

LCA’s Role

LCA began by developing a listserv of over 1000 contacts with DBE certification and sent out email updates to this list. LCA staff members provided project information at a dozen industry meetings hosted by various associations throughout the Portland metro area. In order to facilitate interaction between prime consultants and subconsultants, LCA organized two industry forums. Each of these forums featured a project overview by ODOT staff, networking time, Q&A, and information on procurement procedures. These forums helped connect DBE firms with teaming opportunities and get their questions answered.  

Services Provided

  • DBE Enrichment 
  • DBE Liaison 
  • DBE Outreach 
  • Event Planning 
  • Facilitation