ODOT Bridges in Astoria

Project Overview

ODOT is completing a major rehabilitation of two 90-year old bridges in Astoria, the Lewis and Clark River Bridge and the Old Young’s Bay bridge. The project includes repairing structural supports, restoring electrical and mechanical systems, replacing the approach, and more. A large interpretive display was created by Suenn Ho Designs, on the western approach to the Lewis and Clark River bridge. The monument commemorates the importance of Astoria’s bridges and honors the people who designed and built the bridges, including master bridge engineer Conde McCullough.

LCA's Role

LCA developed a School-based Outreach Program for students to learn about Astoria’s bridges and contribute to this interpretive display. LCA organized a student art and poetry contest for Lewis and Clark Elementary students, which resulted in the words and drawings of every student being engraved in the display. At the unveiling of the display, students also buried a time capsule in the form of a tree log that was constructed by Astoria High School student welders – containing the original poems and drawings of the younger students.

Services Provided

  • School Outreach
  • Bridge Education


Amy was exceptional in her efficient and effective communication skills, both with me and with the school representatives. Her style was swift, responsive and precise.

Suenn Ho

Principal, RESOLVE Architecture and Planning