Accessible Recreation Visioning Process 

Vancouver Parks & Recreation 
Project Overview

Vancouver Parks and Recreation’s Accessible Recreation programs provide access to classes, camps, and activities for individuals and families in the people with disabilities community. Parks and Recreation Staff is considering opportunities for future growth, improvement, and changes to the programs.  

LCA’s Role

Vancouver Parks and Recreation (VPR) hired LCA to conduct a series of focus groups and stakeholder interviews regarding programming for people with disabilities. LCA developed and implemented a visioning process that included focus groups with VPR staff, parents and caregivers of program participants, and service providers. These focus groups allowed people with first-hand knowledge of the program to provide feedback on the current state of the program and their ideas for the future. In addition to these focus groups, LCA conducted stakeholder interviews with representatives of other agencies and organizations that provide services to people with disabilities to identify possible partnership opportunities. The findings of the focus groups and the interviews were summarized in a comprehensive report that VPR leadership is using to plan the future of the program.   

Services Provided

  • Facilitation 
  • Focus Groups 
  • Materials Development