Public Involvement

Smoothing the Way to Project Success

Every civic project presents unique complexities and challenges that require more than a few flyers and an open house. When led thoughtfully, public involvement creates opportunities for meaningful two-way dialogue. A nuanced understanding of the politics and hot-button issues within each community, as well as a foundation of trusting relationships, are required to involve the public constructively as a project unfolds. As skilled communicators and strategists with experience at every level of government, we know how to meaningfully engage a community.

LCA’s proactive outreach identifies community concerns early and helps find solutions. Our genuine interest in uncovering and addressing the character and needs of the community propels our outreach.

LCA utilizes a number of engagement tools in our public involvement projects. We are experts at creating customized solutions for our clients. We work closely with you to choose the set of tools that will lead to the optimal level of outreach while remaining efficient.


  • Develop and sustain valuable relationships with stakeholders.
  • Hear from traditionally underrepresented stakeholders.
  • Anticipate issues and avoid surprises.
  • Gain community backing for your project.
  • Gather the input needed for informed decision-making.
  • Foster goodwill and mitigate concerns.
  • Enhance your reputation as a civic asset.


“When LCA took over the project, Lois’ team quickly zeroed in on connecting the key stakeholders from affected agencies, businesses and organizations, and turned a politically sensitive situation into a collaborative, constructive relationship.”

Steve Litchfield

Former Area Manager, HNTB

“Lois and her staff have proven themselves as leaders in our community in terms of developing innovative approaches to engaging all community members – from 7 to 70… (LCA) adds value on many levels and has made my agency a better agency.”

Matthew Garrett

Former Director, Oregon Department of Transportation

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