Online Engagement

Connecting with Community Members Online

LCA’s online engagement strategies enhance our community engagement efforts and allow more people to participate. Whether it be a YouTube video explaining project impacts, regular social media updates, or a full online open house, LCA provides opportunities for community members to engage with a project online.

We recognize that effective community engagement efforts require multiple avenues of involvement for maximum accessibility. Some community members may not be able to attend a public meeting, for example, but would be able to take a few minutes to look at an online open house and submit comments. Online engagement used in conjunction with other strategies is an effective way to reach more people.

Every project can benefit from a web presence, and we create website language, graphics, maps, and video content. Email updates are a great way to keep residents up-to-date as a project unfolds. Social media and NextDoor are powerful tools for linking community members to your project.


  • Engage community members who cannot attend meetings.
  • Disseminate project information through social media for broader impact.
  • Provide interactive project materials that allow for a deeper understanding of project benefits and impacts.
  • Continue engagement even when in-person meetings are not possible. 

Online Engagement Tools

  • Online Open Houses
  • Online Surveys
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Stakeholder Video Chats
  • NextDoor
  • Project Webpages
  • Interactive Maps
  • Videos
  • Email Updates
  • Social Media 
  • Webinars

Is Your Project Next? 

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