How to Stand Up Against Hate

Jun 1, 2017Insights0 comments

In my opinion, the tragic events that happened last weekend on TriMet were not just a crime against individuals, but also a heinous crime against our community— jeopardizing peace, safety, security and the privilege of assembly for all of us, and not just those who were the most recent targets. Hate does not know boundaries.  Today, one group is the target; tomorrow, it may well be another. How to address such frightening incidents, especially if one is a bystander, is way beyond my knowledge base and accumulated wisdom. However, I do know that good ideas and insights are not the province of any particular group of individuals, and sometimes the wisest insights come from the youngest among us. I believe that we can learn by listening to the ideas posed by our friends, family and colleagues. And, somehow, we need to find a way to engage with those who do not think as we do, and whose experiences do not mirror ours. My hope is that we become collectors of wisdom, and disseminators of respect and support. Lois