Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Dialogue

An LCA facilitator transforms ordinary meetings into productive settings to forge consensus, identify tensions, and hear different viewpoints. Our public involvement experience informs our facilitation decision-making. We are able to select an effective meeting model, lead conversations on contentious topics, and provide our clients with detailed analysis of the topics covered in the conversation. As neutral third parties, LCA facilitators foster open discussion on a topic, no matter how contentious it is.

While not every meeting can come to an agreed-upon consensus, facilitation is more likely to achieve this outcome than a top-down approach. Areas of agreement are highlighted when we guide community members’ discussions of their ideas, concerns, and visions. Participants come away with an appreciation for views different from their own and have a better understanding of the different issues and attitudes in the community.

Facilitation fosters more participation than is possible at a non-facilitated gathering. A facilitated session yields rich data about tensions, commonalties, and consensus that exist within a community. Taking ownership of a deliberative conversation and gaining better understanding of community issues is deeply empowering for all participants. The discussions that occur and the connections that are made in facilitated meetings can help a community improve its problem-solving abilities and increase community awareness of projects and issues.


  • Create an environment where community members feel comfortable sharing their views and listening to the views of others.
  • Build consensus among stakeholders.
  • Gather rich qualitative data about community opinions and values.
  • Bring a variety of voices to the table while navigating conflict and tensions.
  • Remove decision-makers from the facilitation role, eliminating conflicts of interest and addressing power dynamics.
  • Receive notes of the conversation that detail common ground and tensions and in the community.
  • Keep meetings and processes on track.

Examples of Facilitated Meetings

  • Public Meetings
  • Town Halls
  • Visioning Processes
  • Advisory Committees
  • Board Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Task Forces
  • Community Forums

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