DMWESB Support

Enhancing Equity and Inclusion in Contracting

Planning, design, and construction firms have a unique opportunity to advance equity goals by contracting with and supporting disadvantaged, minority-owned, women-owned, and emerging small businesses (DMWESBs). LCA assists you in meeting and exceeding DMWESB participation goals by conducting extensive outreach to identify qualified firms and individuals. By connecting DMWESB firms to the opportunities available on your project, LCA will help you meet qualified firms and individuals who will enhance your project while helping your meet and exceed crucial equity goals.

Once these firms are on the team, LCA provides an enrichment program that enhances the capacity of these firms. Workshops, assessments, and regular check-ins enhance the participation of these firms on your project team.


  • Meet and exceed DMWESB goals through relevant outreach.
  • Identify a wide range of DMWESB firms to participate in your project.
  • Address the professional development needs of your subcontractors, increasing their capacity to deliver.
  • Enhance you firm or agency’s reputation by demonstrating forward-thinking business practices.
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with DMWESB firms and the organizations that support them.


“Lois D. Cohen’s company quickly and unobtrusively developed programs tailored to our needs and has carried them out with a minimum of supervision. The company sets high goals and exceeds expectations.”

Michael Eaton

Multnomah County

“Lois has shown a propensity to listen, learn, and then focus in on the specific issue and possible solutions. This investment of time and talent helped deliver projects that truly achieved a community’s vision.”

Matthew Garrett

Former Director, Oregon Department of Transportation

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