Anonymous Compliments, a simple approach to a complicated problem?

by Mar 24, 2017Insights0 comments

In many respects, unfortunately, our society has become so polarized these days. And, in many cases, people choose to demonize those with whom they disagree. In the Dec. 8, 2016 CNN article “Here’s How to Tackle Cyberbullying” by Kelly Wallace, Kelly explores the different approaches people are taking across the country to combat cyberbullying.

One story that stood out to me was the ways in which students are organizing to support each other. I was so delighted to learn of the wisdom, maturity and plain common sense that was so beautifully modeled by a pair of middle schoolers:

… two students at William B. Bristow Middle School in Brentwood, California, were tired of negativity on campus, so they started an anonymous compliments page on Instagram… The two middle-schoolers started complimenting random people on campus. Soon, they were getting submissions from people naming other people to be complimented, so they started a special “Compliment for a friend” on Fridays.

The idea was so simple, but it is often forgotten that simple compliments have the power to build a person up more than bullying can bring them down.

Maybe we should adopt the students’ model! Think of the great ripple effects that might result.